Theory, Code, and Exercises

We are in an ever-advancing industry, and learning resources are unlimited.

Last year I put together a compilation of ebooks that have helped me in my data science learning path and have been recommended by mentors and professors to solve specific projects or deepen concepts.

As I spent time deepening…

Tools to use to perform it and where to learn it

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For decades, geographers, geologists, researchers, and analysts from a wide variety of fields have been using location as an essential part of their analysis. …

$1,052,950 USD accumulated. Last deadline: March 16, 2020.

Last week over dinner celebrating the Chinese New Year, an acquaintance that is learning Data Science on his free time asked me how to formulate a problem worth to be solved with data and how to find the right dataset to practice his new skills.

We talked a bit about…

Example with NASA dataset

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) is, in my opinion, the most important part of Machine Learning Modeling in new datasets. If EDA is not executed correctly, it can cause us to start modeling with “unclean” data, and this is just as a snowball downhill, it gets bigger and worse.

Basic elements of a good Exploratory Data Analysis

The exploratory…

Main takeaways for a career change

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Note: This article doesn’t have any U.S. government secret, tools, or a thing among of those lines. It is a story about a real rockstar “behind the curtains” Data Scientist.

D.C. is full of people working…

Some include code and exercises

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Every book in this collection of 25 books was either recommended to me by data science leaders, mentors, instructors or I got to them looking for help on a specific project. …

Un regalo adelantado de Navidad para mis colegas Científicos de Datos

La semana pasada estaba entrenando una red neuronal y para hacerlo primero necesitaba combinar dos DataFrames en unión interna. Después de un par de pruebas con .merge(), .concat(), .join()

An early Christmas present for my fellow Data Scientists🎄🎁

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Last week I was training a neural network and to do so first I needed to combine two data frames in an inner join. After a couple of tests with .merge(), .concat(), .join() soon I realized…

Machine Learning Lighting Talk — October 11, 2019

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Bias and Variance are the core parameters to tune while training a Machine Learning model.

When we discuss prediction models, prediction errors can be decomposed into two main subcomponents: error due to bias, and error…

Un día desperté y pensé: “I’m going offline today.” Y así fue.

De Agosto a Noviembre desactivé mi perfil de Instagram y cuenta de Facebook por tres razones:

  1. Estaba ocupada haciendo esto, y comenzando Latinas in Tech Washington, D.C. Metro.
  2. Mi esposo nunca ha tenido social media, y yo he sido social media queen desde que recuerdo. …

Brenda Hali

My digital memoir | I love to build and grow things using data science | | 📍 Washington, D.C

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